The Heroine Project was established in 2017 by Shaheeda Mia & Marguerite Heyl, with the aim of creating a seamless space of inspiration, where women are celebrated and reminded of all they can do and be.

Shaheeda Mia

The role of women in society has been receiving elevated attention in the last while but a lot of it seemed very angry……all about what was wrong and not working. And don’t get us wrong, we completely agree, there is a lot to be angry about. But we also started noticing something else…. all these women doing things on their terms, making choices that worked for them and succeeding at it! So we decided to create The Heroine Project - with the aim of creating a seamless space of inspiration, where women are celebrated, and reminded of all that they can do and be. Even if the odds are stacked against them to begin with – because at the end of the day, living a life on your own terms is the real success.



Marguerite Heyl

I was at a talk at Design Indaba and the speaker asked us to think about who we considered a heroine…and I was at a bit of a loss. I remember thinking that there are different qualities that I admire in different women but that I had no specific “heroine” that I admired. And that’s when I realised that there are so many everyday heroines doing great things and who could serve as inspiration for so many others. So whilst chatting over coffee one day, we decided that we would do just that – create a platform where we celebrate everyday women doing everyday heroic stuff!

The Heroine Project © 2019 

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