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Christine Meintjes: The digital wedding guru

Updated: May 13, 2019

Christine Meintjes @cmeintjes is a photographer and founder & curator of @theprettyblog , one of South Africa’s first lifestyle blogs. Her love affair with photography started at the age of 14, when she worked as an assistant to a wedding photographer, before heading off to study visual communications and opening her own photography business. She was one of the first young, female, digital photographers at the time and considers herself lucky in terms of where she landed on the curve. Her first year was a struggle and she made all the mistakes new business owners make, but within 3-4 years, she was receiving lots of magazine coverage & booking 47 weddings in 7 months! However, being an introvert, this pace was emotionally draining and Christine needed “to create a business model that didn’t kill the artist”. This lead to her scaling down to being a boutique wedding photographer and these days she only does 10-15 weddings annually. Christine’s other popular venture is the @theprettyblog , which was born out of her frustration around the delays in publication in the print industry. The website was established in 2010 as an online wedding magazine, focused on everything in the wedding & lifestyle industry and was the first of its kind in SA. Within 4 years, the page had 500K views per month, 10 staff members to keep up with the growth of the publication and won numerous awards, including being nominated as one of the best lifestyle blogs in the world by @bloglovin , alongside Gwyneth Paltrow’s @goop . As social media took off, Christine noticed that their following was shifting from the online page to social media. This prompted her to shift the intense content creating business model to a more social media focussed one. Today, it focuses on all things lifestyle, including design, décor, food, fashion, travel and weddings.

We are inspired by Christine’s foresight in both identifying the correct timing, and driving the shift in the local digital wedding/lifestyle industry and by her capacity to evolve and remain agile. It took Christine 30 years to find exercise and run her first half marathon.

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