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Emma Sadleir: The social media lawyer

Updated: May 21, 2019

Emma Sadleir @emmasadleir , the leading social media law expert in South Africa, is the founder of the groundbreaking, The Digital Law Company @thedigitallawcompany which provides advice, guidance and education in the field of digital media.

Emma believes her specialisation in media law was serendipitous, starting with her being asked to join the media law team at one of the big South African law firms as a candidate attorney, progressing to senior associate where she found herself doing interesting but largely pro bono work. After hitting a professional ceiling in the legal firm, she was prompted to explore establishing her own firm specialising in social media law. Her timing was perfect as the area of specialisation was relatively new and untapped with few competitors and lots of unexplored legal territory. That fortuitous leap of faith four years ago, proved to be the correct career choice for her. These days Emma splits her time across legal consulting, public speaking on the topic (Emma and her team have collectively addressed hundreds of blue-chip corporate clients and over 100,000 learners across the African continent and the UK through educational talks and presentations), helping to shape the media legislation in SA and lecturing. Emma is also the co- author of two books, Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex… And Other Legal Advice For The Age of Social Media and Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones: A Teenager’s Online Survival Guide.

We are inspired by Emma’s belief in herself and her courage in choosing to take a chance on herself when she established her own legal firm. Emma tells us she is an avid horse rider and has successfully conquered depression.

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