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Fatima Dhoda: The good food guru

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Fatima Dhoda @fatsdhoda is the Head of Food Services at Woolworths @woolworths_sa, and together with her team is responsible for the W Cafes (attached to Woolworths stores throughout South Africa), and Now Now, the new standalone convenience cafe concept that was launched earlier this year. Now Now has the first click and collect mobile app in the retail space in SA - the brand is all about customers enjoying fresh, quality, delicious food on the move. Fatima has also triumphed over Hodgkins lymphoma, not once but twice, having been diagnosed in both 2002 and again in 2014.

We are inspired by Fatima's story as she is both a survivor and an innovator - it takes great strength and resilience to undertake chemotherapy treatment whilst successfully running a significant area of one of SA's much-loved retail brands. Fatima believes that life unfolds in proportion to one's courage, survives on copious amounts of coffee and loves how she started out life drinking Ricoffy and now has the privilege of contributing to coffee beans standards through her direct sourcing process.

Featured artist: Janine Du Plessis @janine_duplessis


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