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Delphine Govender: The investment expert

Updated: May 13, 2019

Delphine Govender @delphinedg is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Perpetua Investment Managers, an independent, owner-managed, boutique investment firm, of which she is one of the co-founders. The daughter of academics, she decided in grade 9 (the subject choice year) that she wanted to be in the world of business as she wanted to be self-sufficient and concluded that she would pursue the Chartered Accountant CA(SA) profession. It was during articles in Durban that she accidentally discovered the world of financial markets, whilst on an Investec sponsored programme in NYC.

On returning to SA, she transferred her articles to Cape Town, the heart of the local investment management industry. She was incredibly lucky in terms of timing as the local asset management industry was just beginning to take off in the late 90s. After one or two stints as an equity analyst at other firms, she secured a position at Allan Gray where she rose to portfolio manager and executive director, over the course of a successful 11 year career with the firm. She tells us that at the time, people told her that women never became portfolio managers at Allan Gray but she says thankfully the firm was a meritocracy and performance mattered. Becoming a portfolio manager was not easy, she had to push hard and operate at the edge of her comfort zone and she says that she could easily have shrunk back and not reached for it. While she loved her time at Allan Gray, she has always had a deep desire to build something from scratch. This lead to her founding Perpetua, where she is using her leadership role to build an environment which reshapes the work experience and what competency looks like and where women can excel, be great and do more than is generally expected.

We are inspired by Delphine’s breaking down of barriers in the asset management industry and by her courage in founding a local investment firm, in an extremely competitive industry space. Delphine learnt to ride a bicycle for the first time at the age of 40, proving it’s never too late to try! Featured artist: Karla Vink @karlatji


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