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Itu Kubheka: The micro-influencer entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Itu Kubheka @itukubheka is the founder of Salome Says @salome_says, a boutique marketing agency that is focused on the micro-influencer space in South Africa. A micro-influencer is an individual that is known to have clout online or offline, and has the power to influence the decisions and perceptions of the people in their immediate circles. Itu and her partner have built relationships with an authentic and targeted cohort of individuals from urban, township and rural communities and aim to provide brands with more targeted, authentic ambassadors for their brands in their various customer communities.

Itu says it has always been a dream of hers to establish her own agency and after over a decade in the corporate space, she decided to take the plunge with a very focused offering to brands, especially in light of the growth in influencer marketing over the last 5 years. The agency is still very young and the name Salome Says comes from a play on the combination of the phrase Simon Says and Itu’s other family name, Salome.

In addition to running her own agency, Itu is also a self-taught DJ focusing on soulful jazz - she says she has always wanted to DJ and decided to shift what started out as a hobby into something more professional. An avid fan of writing, Itu has authored a book called Comfort Food which details her passage through her 20s and is a collection of meditations centered around four areas: motherhood, finances, relationships and self-actualisation.

Itu is a single mother of a little boy and says juggling motherhood and running her own business is hard and that she occasionally suffers from anxiety that she may be dropping the ball on stuff. We are inspired by Itu’s courage in leaving a comfortable corporate job to pursue her dream of establishing her own niche agency all whilst juggling being a single mom!

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