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Karin Schermbrucker: The humanitarian photographer

Updated: May 13, 2019

Karin Schermbrucker @karinschermbrucker is a #humanitarian#photographer who spends most of her time working with organisations such as UNICEF @unicef , UN Women @unwomen , Mothers2Mothers @mothers2mothers , and ActionAid @actionaid_sa , visually capturing the stories of vulnerable women at the frontlines of humanitarian disasters such as the refugee crisis, the HIV pandemic in Africa and the aftermath of natural disasters and civil wars. In 2007, Karin and her husband, Rob, set up Slingshot Media @slingshotmedia, in response to feeling called to use visual media to begin a dialogue around the vulnerable and oppressed who suffer injustices in some of the most difficult places around the world. Over the past decade, her travels have taken her all over the world to places such as the Syrian refugee crisis in Greece, Nepal and the Philippines after an earthquake and typhoon respectively, and across the African continent to countries such as Uganda, Malawi, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania, to name a few. She views her camera as a bridge which she believes allows her to cross the divide that sometimes exists between people of different cultures, classes, languages and beliefs and is passionate about taking pictures that represent something bigger than herself, which changes people’s perspectives and educates.Karin had always been an observer but a few years ago in Gao, Mali, whilst on assignment, she was caught up in a bomb attack at a compound - a period in which she feared for her life and whether she would see her children and husband again. She tells us that in what felt like the longest 2 hours of her life, she drew strength from all the women survivors she had had the privilege of photographing in the past. However, that day in Mali has left her forever changed, before she saw the world with her eyes, now she sees the world with both her eyes and her heart.

We are inspired by Karin’s deep commitment and bravery to traveling to parts of the world during their darkest hours so as to tell the stories of the vulnerable and oppressed and the survivors who are often forgotten.

Featured artist: Robyn Richards @Robyn_alexandra93


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