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Karyn Maughan: The legal journalist

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Karyn Maughan @karynmaughan @karynannemaughan is a specialist reporter with eNCA @encanews, who largely focusses on criminal and civil legal cases and has a reputation for being tough and asking hard questions. In addition to her role as a broadcast journalist, Karyn is the co-author of two books, based on South African criminal stories.

Her journey to becoming the storyteller and journalist that she is, started in Grade 1, when because of some remedial and co-ordination difficulties, it was discovered that she had sustained some brain damage at birth. Karyn's mother noticed that she was drawn to books and reading and continued to encourage this by taking her to the library every day, a routine which both aided her natural development and nurtured her love for storytelling.

Journalism for her is about a deep love for people, who they are and where they come from. She knows that many viewers would see the work she does as very legally focussed but to Karyn, it is about relaying the connection to human lives because big legal and political moves have real impacts on individual people’s lives. She strives to simplify things for her audience so that they are not weighed down by the information that they are confronted with. Karyn believes that there is always something that resembles the objective truth and is driven by a desire to seek and tell the truth. While she acknowledges that things are very rarely black and white, she says it is important to represent answers and different views fairly.

We are inspired by Karyn's never-say-die energy displayed in her truth-seeking, something that is incredibly important during a time in which SA desperately needs people with integrity to act. Karyn suffers from type 1 diabetes and has borne the highs and lows that come with the disease – she however, says that if it were not for her extremely supportive parents and family, life as a diabetic would have been far harder than it could have been.

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