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Landie Greyling: The trail runner

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Landie Greyling @landiegreyling is a professional trail running athlete, probably better known as the “Trail Dassie” in the running community. She’s been racing since 2011 and has racked up an impressive number of first place finishes and records in both South Africa and abroad throughout her running career. After holding down a part time tax consulting job with KPMG for a number of years, she made the final leap of faith of following her running passion as a full time career in March 2017.

Growing up on a farm just outside Cullinan, Landie developed her passion for nature and the outdoors at an early age and displayed a natural talent for endurance events.

After taking a two year “Gap year” in London after high school, Landie arrived back in South Africa with a less healthy lifestyle than before. She desperately wanted to take control of her life and “shape up” to her former healthy self and started running slow 3 - 4km circles whilst studying, working her way up to joining a running club covering between 10 and 21km. This continued focus eventually lead to her winning her first adventure race (cycling, running & paddling) as part of a team in 2009. Landie was hooked!

We are inspired by Landie’s story because she managed to restore her healthy fit lifestyle after a temporary relapse, and in the process discovered her passion for trail running and had the courage to pursue it full time.

Landie tells us that she met her husband at an adventure race, got engaged and married on a trail…. They were recently invited to participate together in seven international races which they completed between May and October of this year, all whilst running an online coaching business on the side.

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