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Lisa Carinus: The local fashion designer

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Lisa Carinus @lisacarinus followed her passion for beauty, fashion and design which lead her and her partner Gitte Muller @gitte_van_beek_muller, to successfully establishing their own fashion label, FOUND Collection @found.collection. FOUND Collection has managed to build both an online and brick-and-mortar store in just ​2 years. We find her story inspirational because she had the courage to follow her passion, leave the comfort of formal employment and start her own business. “If a dream or idea is persistent, and stays in your heart or back of your mind, and you revisit it often it is more than likely something you were made to pursue.” Lisa’s day to day challenges: “I am working very hard at becoming a morning person. The reality is I normally force open one eye when I hear little feet coming down the passage."

Featured artist: Janine du Plessis @janine_duplessis


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