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Marjolijn Dijksterhuis: The immigrant urban beekeeper

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Marjolijn Dijksterhuis @meaglobal is the founder of Gardener's Glory @gardenersglory, an urban honey brand, which harvests honey from beehives kept in urban gardens and on urban rooftops. The brand is focused on a natural and organic process as the bees eat their own reserves (just the way nature intended!) and are never fed substitutes such as corn syrup and or sugar (which is the case with commercial beekeeping). Marjolijn explains that different gardens/locations provide varied diets which results in varied flavours (for example, sometimes floral, sometimes fruity) and are generally free from pesticides. They also do not move their hives around to avoid placing undue stress on the bees as the life of a bee is very short. All the honey Gardener's Glory @gardenersglory produces is raw, untreated and free of any additives - it's bottled per garden, to capture the unique character of the particular honey.

Marjolijn arrived in Cape Town from the Netherlands, 11 years ago - intent on setting up a business which focussed on arranging study trips for international masters and MBA students. She knew nobody in SA but was simply drawn to the dynamism of the country and its story. After much trial and error, she now has a very successful business doing just what she arrived in SA to do. In addition, she and her partner, Richard, run Urban Delicious @urban_delicious , which produces a range of urban artisanal deli items such as the Gardener's Glory honey and coffee.

We are inspired by Marjolijn's story because she fearlessly left her country of birth, arrived in SA having to build a social and business network from scratch and has successfully managed to establish a few thriving businesses, all whilst being a social introvert. This requires bravery and tenacity, even more so when you do not have a support network of family and friends in place! Marjolijn tells us that she loves all animals including insects. Featured artist: Lutfia Kamish @lutfiawashere


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