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Marlene Steyn: The fine artist

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Marlene Steyn @marlenehettie is an accomplished fine artist whose intricate, intellectual and imaginative works of art explore the human unconscious. She tells us that painting and drawing are "her language" and that she has used it as a means to express herself from a young age. Her commitment to her craft has lead to her being among the youngest students admitted to the Royal College of Art in London @royalcollegeofart where she completed a Masters in Painting, regular exhibitions in South Africa and the UK and more recently having a collection of some of her work being exhibited in the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) @zeitzmocaa . Marlene is also one of the regularly featured artists on The Heroine Project.

We are inspired by Marlene because her commitment to her passion saw her choosing fine art over the otherwise more socially acceptable profession of architecture and her perseverance and practise has seen her achieve so much at the age of 28, in an otherwise exceptionally difficult industry.

Marlene tells us that she is an insominiac and while it has been great for her creativity, she has been focussing on getting it under control as long-term, it is not ideal for her health.

Features artist: Janine Du Plessis @janine_duplessis


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