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Monya Eastman: The furniture designer

Updated: May 13, 2019

Monya Eastman @stokperd, is the founder of Stokperd, a custom-made furniture design company, based in Cape Town. Monya’s path to furniture design and of late, interior design, is an unusual one. Calling herself a bit of a career gypsy, after pursuing a degree in philosophy, her career journey found her initially spending years as a copywriter in the advertising industry, followed by a a stint as a fashion buyer at two local retailers, one of which was @foschinisa , before concluding that corporate life was just not for her. In renovating and furnishing her newly bought house, she could not find the exact furniture she was looking for, so dreamed up her own designs and found somebody to manufacture it for her. Whilst taking some time out, family and friends started commissioning furniture based on the designs that they saw in her household and this lead to Stokperd (translated from Afrikaans to mean “hobby”) being born. Monya tells us that she initially had no business plan or strategy and feared the loss of a secure salary and all the benefits that go along with it but that naivety played a huge role in her business success - because if she knew then how hard building a business was, she would have scared herself silly and never started. After 6 years of operation, she instinctively understands proportion and design, even though she is not design-trained. She adds that the reward for freedom of expression and control over the integrity and authenticity of her work is immeasurable, an aspect that she was not able to achieve whilst being in corporate. To her, her brand is an expression of herself and she makes everything incredibly personal.

We are inspired by Monya’s fearlessness in successfully pursuing a field that she originally had no background in - it speaks volumes with respect to understanding who you are as an individual and what your strengths and weakness are. We all have latent talents that get lost along the way as we pursue what the world tells us is the “normal and right” thing to do.

In her spare time, Monya likes to grow stuff, like spinach, that she does not eat.

Featured artist: Julie Pernet @julie.pernet


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