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Nanji Sheni: The mineral scientist

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Nanji Sheni @nanjir , holds an MSc in Minerals Processing, and currently works as a mining and metals engineer at Mintek @mintek_rsa@Minktek_RSA . She is a passionate scientist and promising young South African mind and recently won a FameLab @FameLab award (one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world) for research she and her team at Mintek are doing on recycling and realising the value of mining waste.

They use a technique known as the flotation process, which involves the action of floating mining waste in a liquid or gas in order to separate it into smaller particles. This allows them to remove harmful materials that otherwise would have been damaging to the environment and livelihood of many South Africans. The cleansed remaining material is used as material in building and construction. This process is both beneficial to local communities, mining houses and of course, the environment.

Other than science, Nanji is passionate about a group she is actively involved in called the Shalom Christian Mission International Polokwane’s Young Professionals. She says she is a playful person and often randomly breaks into dance, even at work.

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