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Nikki Albertyn: The creative patissiere

Nikki Albertyn @nikkialbertyn is the founder & owner of Lionheart @sweet.lionheart, an online patisserie studio, well-known for its incredibly creative confectionery. Nikki, who hails from a creative household, says that she never grew up baking but rather spent time cooking with her mother, and that food has always been a big part of her life. After studying design at Vega @vegaschoolofficial , she did stints in advertising, at Crush @crushmagonline, an online food magazine, and at an online store, @zanaproducts and started her own online food blog and food cart at the OZCF market @ozcfam where she focused on Turkish breads.

Nikki pursued a part-time pastry course at Silwood whilst working and used her design skills to showcase her creations on Instagram which lead to her being approached by clients. Her online patisserie was born in 2015 and for 9 months, Nikki juggled working as a graphic designer and running the patisserie before pursuing Lionheart full-time. She loves how the patisserie has allowed her to combine her design skills with the ability to create something tangible that you can eat, touch, taste and smell. Building a business and brand from scratch is tough and Nikki credits her previous business partner, Karmen, as being key to helping her get the business as far as it is today. She also values the objective support of her therapist, whose help with her codependency she believes has helped her run a better business.

These days the studio employs 6 full-time staff and its range of offerings include: cakes, a selection of smaller sweet treats, private and public cake decorating works and online courses.

Nikki suffers from Type 1 diabetes, having been diagnosed not too long before establishing Lionheart, and refers to herself as a chocolate-fiend, stating: “it was like a switch when I was diagnosed - I suddenly fell in love with sweet things, always picking dessert over dinner!”

We are inspired by how Nikki has combined her eye for design with her natural love for food, to establish a patisserie that has found a niche creating unusual, aesthetically pleasing and mouth-watering confectionery.

Featured artist: Karla Vink @karlatji


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