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Nocawe Piedt: The authentic tourism entrepreneur

Updated: May 13, 2019

Nocawe Piedt @nocawepiedt is a passionate cook, entertainer and entrepreneur that cares deeply about her community in Khayamandi.

She has always been well known for her authentic, traditional cooking in the Stellenbosch community, having catered for Amazink @Amazinklive, local schools and the municipality. Her speciality being “amagwinya” (Xhosa for vetkoek). When Stellenbosch 360, the local travel bureau @stellenboschtravel, wanted to launch their Dine with Locals initiative to give tourists the opportunity to experience the rich, cultural diversity of South African communities, Nocawe was the natural choice for piloting the program. Since its launch this project has become a huge attraction and success not only because of Nocawe impressing local and international tourists with her authentic cooking from her home but also because of her involving the local community in sharing their culture through song, dance and storytelling, effectively creating jobs.

Nocawe did not follow her passion for food and serving her community from the outset. She initially worked at Cape Town International Airport for 13 years as a security officer. She was spurred to shift to tourism whilst representing the airport at a Tourist exhibition at the CTICC, where she met several women advertising B&B’s operating from their own shacks. It made her realise that she could do it too! We are inspired by Nocawe’s story, because of her courage in shifting her career to doing what she is naturally good at – cooking, and in this way contributing to the upliftment of her community and introducing tourists to her culture.

Nocawe tells us “On days that I’m not feeling well and “hanging”, my cooking can’t come from my heart and then the “amagwinya” dough is also hanging”.

Featured artist: Ilse Lewis @ilse_xx


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