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Ntsoaki Phali: The disability champion

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Ntsoaki Phali @msphaliis the mastermind behind Beyond Ability Talent Solutions @Beyond_ability_talent, a recruitment agency for the physically disabled. She realised there was a need in the market to serve people with disability when she struggled to meet her own employment equity target when recruiting people with disabilities.

She knew that there was no lack of talent in people with disabilities, it was more a challenge of the talent not being obvious to society, as well as extra needs and requirements from the employers side to accommodate them in their work environment. She struggled to find a recruitment agency that could help her tick all these boxes and that got her thinking about how she could provide the services herself. Ntsoaki started her business in November 2009 whilst going through a challenging divorce and since then more than 5000 career seekers with disabilities have gained job opportunities through Beyond Ability. Her effort and contribution has been celebrated with numerous awards of which the most recent one includes the 2017 Women of Stature’s Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

She appreciates both the highs and lows of her social enterprise. She made a number of lifestyle adjustments as she only received her first R10k invoice after 18 months in business. Her belief in the concept kept her going, even in the midst of repossessions of personal assets and evictions. In response to the setbacks suffered, she has incorporated the lessons learned in building a stronger business. We are inspired by Ntsoaki’s story because of the passion and perseverance with which she pursued her calling to support people with disabilities in finding meaningful careers.

Ntsoaki tells us that she is a born and bred Sowetan and that she is grateful for the community where she was born as she believes that the positive influences in her community moulded her into the person she’s become.

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