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Rosalia Mashale: The caregiver

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Rosalia Mashale @rosiemashale {Rosie Mashale} is a visionary paradigm-shifter whose empathy, leadership and vision lead to the establishment of Baphumelele @baphumelele_ , a place of safety for the abandoned, abused, neglected and sick.

In 1989, Rosalia Mashale “Mama Rosie” to those around her, a trained primary school teacher, moved from the Eastern Cape to Khayelitsha in the Western Cape. Rosie was disturbed to see young children going through the rubbish dump in search of food while their parents were away during the day, either at work or in search of work. She responded by taking children into her home, and together with a group of women from the community, began looking after these unsupervised children. After the first week, 36 children had joined their care. The name given to this project was Baphumelele, a Xhosa word meaning “you have progressed”. Through the hard work, determination, and help of the community and friends overseas, Baphumelele has developed into a thriving community project over the years. In addition to the Children’s Home and Educare Centre, Baphumelele has expanded to include the Adult Respite Care Centre, Child Respite Centre, Hospice in the Home, Child Headed Households, Fountain of Hope, and Rosie’s Bakery/Sewing Project.

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