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Seola Mashamaite: The metrologist

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Seola Mashamaite @seola05 @seolamilly is the owner of Mon-Cal, an ISO accredited laboratory specialising in calibration of equipment that is used in production of food, medication, cars and also in the testing industry. She stumbled on the calibration industry accidentally, after initially completing a diploma in chemical engineering at the University of Johannesburg and after working in the industry, decided that it just wasn't for her. Seola then worked for a recruitment agency and noticed that there was an advert for a trainee metrologist, a role which she applied for. She had no money to get to the the interview and walked from Woodmead to Kyalami where she got the job and trained as a metrologist. The business she worked for was unfortunately liquidated but whilst working in the industry she noticed that there were no women owned calibration businesses. This prompted her to try establish her own calibration business - and it was tough to start as she could not initially source the financing to buy the equipment required to start her business. However, she persevered for a year and eventually lined up work before ordering the required equipment from the U.S. and then managed to source financing (in that order!). After two years, her business has managed to achieve an annual turnover of R1.9m, with customers across Africa.

We are inspired by Seola's story as she had the courage to acknowledge that she did not enjoy working in the area of study that she had undertaken, managed to pivot into a completely new area, excel at it and then start her own business.

Seola tells us that she's fallen off the fitness wagon since starting her company and would like to go back one day but that one day almost always seems to be tomorrow!

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