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Swaady Martin: The luxury product entrepreneur

Updated: May 13, 2019

Swaady Martin @swaady_martin is a ​changemaker, a ​serial entrepreneur and author of spiritual tales for children. She is the founder & CEO of YSWARA @yswara, ​a tea company which she founded in December 2012. The vision of the brand is rooted in co-creation - Swaady’s aim is to promote and preserve Africa’s rich culture and history by using its natural resources and artisans to create exceptional luxury products and in so doing support the export of value-added African products and raise awareness of what the continent has to offer. The brand is present in 17 countries and has successfully collaborated with @Trenery, @MarianneFasslerofficial, @Ardmore and several others. Prior to pursuing her entrepreneurial interest, Swaady had a successful corporate career at @Generalelectric Co. where she held various leadership positions, a time she thoroughly enjoyed and loved but which she always viewed as training ground for her entrepreneurial aspirations. Building and growing Yswara does not come without its challenges of course - the cost and logistics of exporting is extremely high and finding suppliers who manufacture 100% of their products on the continent at competitive prices and world-class quality standards is often tricky. Swaady’s advice when choosing an entrepreneurial journey is to make sure that you are pursuing something you love because it is what will keep you going when things get tough. She is also the creator of the “Luxe Ubuntu” concept, and @SHIFTWITHIN, a self-development platform promoting mindful living.

We are inspired by Swaady’s clearness of purpose, her commitment to her vision and her objective of raising the profile of Africa and what it has to offer in a ​high-quality context, contributing to shifting the image the world has of the continent in its mind. Swaady ​ is an accomplished business woman, yet says she failed her first year of business school!

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