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Trix Vivier: The actress

Updated: May 13, 2019

Trix Vivier @trixvivier is a South African actress & performer who more recently is known for her roles in @kyknettv dramas Waterfront, Boekklub, Sterlopers, Suidooster, Fynskrif & many more. Trix tells us that she never really had much natural talent for dance but since the age of three, she wanted to dance and perform. Her mom indulged her, allowing her to pursue ballet (despite her flat feet!), gymnastics & drama. She says she owes her successful pursuit in the arts to her willingness and commitment to learning, her passion for performance, patience & refusing to accept no for an answer. This drive saw Trix qualifying as a ballet teacher and graduating from the Waterfront Theatre School with majors in dance & drama before heading up to the big smoke (JHB) in her early 20s to try cut it in the entertainment industry. Her first few months were crazy as she had no frame of reference, no agent, no network, and no security. “Nobody tells you that it will take 10 years”, she says. The past decade has seen Trix do a vast range of things: support roles in televisions series & films, children’s theatre, community theatre, dancing for a German dance company, a magician’s assistant, a show girl at Sun City & even dancing for a Sheikh in the Seychelles! Upon her return to SA in 2012, Trix successfully made the shift to lead actress roles in a number of series & short films. She believes that because she has always been driven by how performing energises her & her love for playing different characters with unique emotional journeys, rather than the prestige or attention, she has managed to remain committed on the long journey to success. She maintains that you cannot have expectations that one successful job will lead to your next as this profession does not follow a linear path. We are inspired by Trix’s tenacity in the world of performing arts, a place which can leave even the toughest souls beaten down due to the judgement one has to endure on a regular basis. Trix survived an abusive relationship with an old boyfriend and wants women to know that you do not need anybody else to validate your existence.

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